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Casa de Campo Resort & Villas, the crown jewel of Caribbean luxury, stands as a testament to timeless opulence and is proudly presented by Mr. Lux Luxury Real Estate. Located on the sun-soaked southeastern coast of the Dominican Republic, this iconic retreat is steeped in a history of exclusivity and elegance that continues to captivate the most discerning travelers.

The history of Casa de Campo is a captivating tale of vision and prestige. It was in the late 1960s when the visionary American industrialist, Charles Bluhdorn, set his sights on creating a tropical paradise like no other. With unwavering determination, he acquired a vast expanse of pristine land, transforming it into the epitome of Caribbean luxury. In 1974, this exclusive haven officially opened its doors, welcoming celebrities, dignitaries, and travelers seeking the ultimate in tropical sophistication. Casa de Campo is, and always has been, the embodiment of refined living in the Caribbean.

What Does Casa de Campo Offer?

Casa de Campo is a luxury resort located in La Romana on the southeastern coast of the Dominican Republic. It is renowned for its opulence, world-class amenities, and stunning surroundings.

Casa de Campo offers a range of exclusive real estate options, including lavish villas, elegant apartments, and spacious homes. These properties often come with luxurious features such as private pools, lush gardens, and stunning views of the Caribbean Sea or the resorts golf courses.

Casa de Campo has a private marina with a yacht club, providing residents with the opportunity to indulge in a luxurious boating and yachting lifestyle. The marina is a hub for upscale shopping, dining, and entertainment.

What does Casa de Campo offers?

Casa de Campo offers a diverse selection of luxurious villas and other properties, each designed to provide residents with an upscale and exclusive living experience. Here’s an overview of the types of properties you might find in Casa de Campo:

Luxury Villas:

Casa de Campo is known for its opulent villas, ranging from spacious family homes to expansive estates. These villas often feature premium finishes, high-end materials, and sophisticated architectural designs. Many come with private pools, lush gardens, and panoramic views of the golf courses or the Caribbean Sea.

Golf Front Residences:

Some properties in Casa de Campo are strategically positioned along the resort’s championship golf courses. These residences often provide direct access to the fairways, allowing golf enthusiasts to enjoy the sport just steps away from their homes.

Beachfront Estates:

For those seeking the ultimate in coastal living, Casa de Campo offers beachfront properties with direct access to the resort’s private beaches. These estates often boast stunning ocean views and the sounds of the Caribbean Sea right at your doorstep.

Apartments and Condos:
In addition to villas, Casa de Campo offers luxury apartments and condominiums, providing alternative options for those looking for a more compact living space. These properties are designed with high-quality finishes and often include communal amenities such as pools and fitness centers.

The diversity of property options in Casa de Campo caters to a range of tastes, ensuring that residents can find the ideal home that suits their needs.

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