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Punta Cana Resort & Club is a private and secure resort located in the Dominican Republic and considered one of the best in the country. It is a place that is distinguished by its white sand beaches, the best VIP service, privacy and quality in every sense. Buying or renting any of its available spaces is guaranteeing a dream life in the middle of a paradise in the Caribbean.

A factor of great importance for visitors and owners of any complex is being able to enter and exit it easily, without losing their security and privacy. Precisely this was one of the biggest concerns for Grupo Puntacana and that is why in 1984 the first commercial International Airport built and operated by a private company was officially inaugurated. All this after a struggle of more than eight years and two years to build it.

It is a truly unique place and serves as a connection for 27 countries around the world, to the point of being considered the one with the highest passenger traffic in the entire Dominican Republic. It also has the best assistance on arrival and departure, having a great general service so that you feel comfortable from the first moment.

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Punta Cana Resort

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