The price per square meter of housing rose up to 74% in Greater Santo Domingo

  • 5 months ago
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Homes are more expensive than in previous years, and not precisely due to appreciation. The average price per square meter (m²) of houses and apartments in the Metropolitan Region, which includes Santo Domingo and the National District, increased for the first half of 2023, with increments ranging from 3.9% to 74%, depending on the property’s location.

The municipalities where there were the greatest increases in prices per square meter of sellable units are Santo Domingo Norte (74%), Los Alcarrizos (65%), and Santo Domingo Este (40%).

Where the cost increased the least was in Pedro Brand (3.9%) and in the National District (7.7%).

These figures are derived from comparing the most recent semi-annual Building Supply Registry (ROE) report, compiled by the National Statistics Office (ONE), with the same report from the first half of 2022.

Prices per m²

When calculating the price list by municipality, Pedro Brand is the most affordable area to acquire a property.

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